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Any File Split And Join 3.1

Any File Split and Join can split large files and join them back
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Any File Split and Join is intended to split large files into any number of smaller ones and to join them back to reconstitute the original file. Splitting becomes necessary when we need to send large files via email or when the file size exceeds the maximum available storage capacity. This application also solves the problem of e-mailing this type of files.
The application has an intuitive but unattractive interface. There is a welcoming window from where the available actions can be accessed. In many respects, using this application is similar to using the split capabilities of a file archiver. However, as there is no compression involved, the process is much faster.
You can split a file in two different ways. You may choose to split the file into a given number of pieces and let the program calculate the size of each of those smaller files. On the contrary, you may just specify the desired file size and this tool will calculate the number of pieces. Some presets are available to ease the process of selecting a file size. This way, you need to choose only the type of target storage media. The generated pieces can be sent without the need of an e-mail client. This utility integrates with Outlook to use the same contact book. Reversely, a file can be put together just by selecting one of its pieces thanks to a handy file naming procedure. A disadvantage of this procedure is that the e-mail recipient needs Any File Split and Join installed.
In general, Any File Split and Join is a fine application that does everything it is expected to do without any difficulty whatsoever. If you are worried about file type compatibility, there is no need for that, because this tool splits the file’s binary code independently of its type. Perhaps you would like to know that splitting files is not the only way of sending large files as you can also use file-sharing sites, FTP, P2P, etc.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports any file type
  • It uses a file naming schema that eases the process of reconstituting files


  • The interface is unattractive
  • It does not allow compression
  • The program needs to be installed on the recipient machine
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